• Image of Fluted cup pre-order
  • Image of Fluted cup pre-order
  • Image of Fluted cup pre-order
  • Image of Fluted cup pre-order
  • Image of Fluted cup pre-order

Please read before purchasing!

This is a limited run of fluted cups that will be made per order especially for you!

These are turned on the pole lathe, then carved with a gauge to get that lovely fluting texture on the outside.

The design will be based on the variations shown in the pictures above but please add a comment when placing an order, if you have preference regarding the fluting options (wide flats or narrow flutes) and allow some variations in size and shape ...they are hand made, one by one :)

I think they look great painted but I'll happily leave them natural, please add a note with your preference and colour choice.
Urushi finish on the inside is available as well but will require up to 6weeks before shipping for the added curing time.

The standard cups will hold around 300ml (hot and cold liquids), though I added a smaller/bigger option to choose from as well if you prefer an espresso size or like to drink a big amount without filling up again :)

Do not put them in the dishwasher , a quick rinse in the sink using warm water is enough and you'll enjoy seeing the patina build up with use.

Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping as they are made only once your order is complete, and can only be finished once dry.

Minor cracks on the base are quite common with end grain turning and might show up as you use them regularly but they should not cause any problems or leaks.
That being said, things might occasionally go wrong with wooden cups, they are tricky little things to manage!

I recommend you "break" them into use with some cold liquids and after they accumulated to your specific humidity condition start using them for hot drinks if you wish, though preferably not boiling!
Making sure they are kept in daily or at least weekly use is essential for keeping them from drying completely, and less likely to develop cracks.

White spots might appear on the painted surface because of the mineral content of milk paint, a quick rub with a bit of oil should remove them.

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase when you recieve/use it or need it with you ASAP please do get in touch!

Thank you!