• Image of Box of Spoon blanks/billets pre order
  • Image of Box of Spoon blanks/billets pre order
  • Image of Box of Spoon blanks/billets pre order
  • Image of Box of Spoon blanks/billets pre order
  • Image of Box of Spoon blanks/billets pre order

Please read before purchasing.
(Only available for UK and EU orders)

I'm excited to start offering a variety of axed spoon blanks.
This service is aimed for anyone out there that is struggling to source high quality green wood or having trouble axing out blanks.

I will primarily use Cherry, but also have access to Birch and the slight harder Sycamore.
These will all be clean of knots and straight grained.

Blanks will be sold by the box with a set price of £65.
Each box will include between 10-15 finished Axed blanks depending on the shapes you're after.
Happy to send you less blanks if you think a box is too much, just reach out.

If you want to axe your own blank but have trouble sourcing wood, another option is to send over squared off billets for you to axe at home.
6-10 of these will fit in a box, again, depending on the size.
The price for these roughed billets will be £50 and are only available for UK orders because of the weight and very high price of postage.

I'll happily draw the shapes and send you a variety of forms that I think work well or can work to your specific request, e.g only eating spoons, only cooking, similar shapes or none the same, no spatula etc.

An idea of the mixed shapes of the finished blanks can be seen in the photos above. This is more or less what fits in one box!

For those of you who already have a firm idea of the forms you're after, I'll happily axe out blanks to your 1:1 template if you provide it to me via email.

It's always a good idea to include a note with your order or get in touch via mail so I can try and create the perfect box for your individual needs!
If you feel like this amount is too much for you, I'm happy to do a smaller box for a reduced price so just get in touch.

Blanks will be axed out per request and close to the time of posting them out.
They will be sent wrapped in a plastic bag inside the box.
I recommend you to store them in a cool dark place until you carve them or even in the freezer if you have the space.
This will ensure the moisture level won't drop dramatically and you can enjoy the advantages of carving green wood.

Blanks will be produced to the same quality of my own spoon blanks and with an initial crank to fit the shape.

Please allow a lead time of 2-3 weeks before shipping out and don't hesitate to get in touch for further information or any questions you have!

Unfortunately Brexit affected the postage cost for EU orders so a slight increase of postage cost is now due. Sorry!
Wishing you a happy, safe carving!