These items are made to be used  on a daily basis and are suitable for any temperature of food and drinks , please use them .

They can be hand washed just like any other kitchen ware , with soap and water , but try to avoid leaving them for long periods of time soaked in water ,  And DON'T put them in the Dishwasher .  

If you want to maintain the fresh look  , you could give them a rub of oil every few weeks.

Each material has it's advantages and disadvantages , if you drop a glass - it will break , a ceramic soup bowl gets hot ,  please accept the natural characteristics of a wooden item and the constant change of it . 

They might feel/taste a bit oily in the first few uses , a few washes after use and time will make the difference.  

wooden cups will need a bit more of a special care, please see the information attached to the 'fluted beakers' description. 

If you are not happy with your purchase in any way , please do contact me . 

Thank you!