• Image of Hook tools - pre order
  • Image of Hook tools - pre order
  • Image of Hook tools - pre order
  • Image of Hook tools - pre order
  • Image of Hook tools - pre order

Turning hooks for the pole lathe.
Please read before placing an order.

Made from Spring steel (EN47) these tools will come sharp and ready to use.

I make my hooks with a single internal bevel and they all have a slight hollow on the outside which makes for easy sharpening.

These are made based on my experience of turning and forging my own hooks for the last 7 years and made to the same standard as my own tools though I'm open for any requests you might have (for different shapes and grinds).

Please get in touch if you're uncertain about what you need, have any questions or just want to chat and get some advice.

Here are the basic guidelines:

Generally, bowl turning will require the standard set of a tip up and tip down. (1st photo showing them next to each other)

These tools can be used for most types of forms, and once mastered will surprise with their versatile cuts and possibilities.
This also includes shaping the outside of end grain vessels.

For hollowing end grain, I would recommend getting the "politician" hook and plunging tool.
The plunging tool, makes it's way in the vessel riding on the core, while creating a channel wide enough for the "politician" to fit in.
Then the "politician" (pictures #3 +5) cleans the walls of the vessel, from the inside out.
This is the most efficient way of removing material and getting a very clean surface on end grain, once you get the hang of it.

If you just want to experiment or can't afford both of the tools, I would recommend getting the "politician" and work your in with one of the standard hooks, which is also an option.

For nesting or other specific tools please get in touch and share your idea, so I can try and make you exactly the tool you're after!

Standard hooks (tip up /down) are £60 each, any specialised hooks are £65 (end grain/nesting etc.)

These tools come sharp and ready to use, because of the tiny cutting edge and the very long "mileage" they do, they will need CONTINUOS sharpening and edge maintenance to keep them cutting nicely.
I tend to do that every 10-20 minutes of working!
I recommend getting a DMT sharpening cone for sharpening the inside and any flat stone/surface will be sufficient for the outside.

I try to test all the tools before shipping them out to make sure they perform well, but if you are unsatisfied in any way or find a fault in the tool please get in touch ASAP and we'll work out the best solution together.

A bad catch or dropping/knocking them on hard surfaces will likely cause damage or even break the tip. Be careful, and keep them in the sheath and sharp!

Tools will be made per request so please allow 3-4 weeks before delivery.

International postage costs had just been increased due to changes in Royal mail pricing... apologies!

Shipped without a handle.

Thank you

*If you prefer PayPal as a payment method please get in touch and I'll open up that option for you, but generally I try to avoid it as the fee's are much higher.